Comfortable, polished, laidback and practical define the athleisure look for men. You’re getting the best of both fashion worlds in athletic and casual clothing. When the temps heat up during summer, however, you may be wondering how to nail the perfect athleisure style with less clothing. Putting on your favorite shorts and tee, again and again, can get old really fast. There are a number of ways to look cool and crisp in your athleisure duds this summer without breaking a sweat.

Consider Fabric, Fit and Foundation

Before building your athleisure wardrobe for summer, there are three points to zero in on. The first is the fabric you’ll be wearing. Choose materials that feature a lightweight quality, such as linen, cotton, seersucker and high-tech polyester. These are breathable materials that are cool and comfy. Polo shirts are an example of refined elegance and relaxed style.

The second thing to think about is the fit. Athleisure clothing may boast how laidback and practical it is, but ill-fitting pieces can look sloppy, cheap or dowdy. Make sure that your shirts, shorts, sweats and other items flatter your physique.

The third aspect of achieving a handsome, athletic casual look for summer is in your clothing foundation. You want to ensure that these basics offer excellent quality and durability and can stand up to multiple washings. Avoid putting on pieces from your closet that have stains or holes. Staples, including button-down shirts and shorts, should be well-made and designed with structure or stretch and can be mixed and matched with your current wardrobe.

Wear Light Layers

You can layer like a pro when the mercury starts soaring. For instance, a white, slim-fit tank top is a fab staple to put on under your button-front polo. You could also pair a white t-shirt with a very thin sweater vest for an evening event when a cool breeze is in the forecast.

A camp shirt is another loose-fitting summer athleisure item that looks smart with a linen blazer. Short-sleeved button-downs are classic and a great option. Even the fragrance you choose can have an overall impact. For summer, the experts recommend a fresh scent that’s light and doesn’t overwhelm the senses.

Choose Flattering Shorts

Your summer shorts should fit well and be made of quality fabric and construction. To attain that stylish vibe, try a pair of men’s athleisure shorts featuring a relaxed, flattering fit made of comfy jersey knit. You’re getting day shorts that offer a moisture-wicking ability, four-way stretch, and an elastic waistband with convenient side pockets.

Add dressier accessories such as socks and loafers with a shirt and chino shorts, and boost your athleisure fashion status to another level.

Don Tailored Sweatpants

Sweats are often considered one of the most comfortable items of clothing on the planet. You may own several pairs, but the focus here is to wear sweatpants with more structure or tailoring. Save the baggy joggers for bedtime. To pull off a successful athleisure look for summer, try on slimmer-fitting sweatpants that taper toward the ankle. A tapered cut with side pockets gives that sophisticated edge to your sweatpants.

Pick Subtle Prints

Summer is the perfect season for bringing a bit of color and pattern to the athleisure mix. Have some fun experimenting, but don’t layer print on print. It’s too busy. Instead, try subtle and minimal prints. For example, stripes are classic athleisure styling, and a shirt with a vertical stripe can be slimming and flattering to the torso.

Floral or tropical prints are another popular summer season staple for that handsome Aloha spirit. A Hawaiian shirt is a fine example of athleisure fashion, and it provides vibrant color. The fabric is breathable, and the fit is loose, keeping you cool when the sun starts to sizzle.

Accessorize With the Ultimate Hat

An amazing hat is one of those summer accessories that can complete your athleisure outfit. Not only does a hat offer protection from the sun’s powerful UVA/UVB rays, but it can be cooling for the head. Consider charming dad hats for your next outdoor occasion. They’re made of combed cotton fabric, adjustable, and totally comfy.

Find Good Sneakers

If you have a few pairs of quality sneakers, then half of your battle is over. In other words, sneakers help to define the athleisure vibe. Trainers go especially well with any athletic or casual ensemble you put together. Clean, unblemished sneakers matter, so keep the ripped-up, beat-up, dirty sneakers for hanging out at home. You cannot go wrong with a classic pair of white trainers. They are versatile, clean-cut and timeless. In canvas or leather, white sneakers are the ultimate versatile footwear with many styles to choose from.

Also, classic retro runners are another athleisure favorite that comes in some great colors. These sneakers would add a bit more flavor to an otherwise tonal athleisure ensemble.

Relax in Style This Summer

Many fashion trends come and go but not men’s athleisurewear. The refined casual athletic style remains hotter than ever, and you don’t have to bust your budget. Invest in the basics as outlined above, and begin mixing and matching with your existing wardrobe staples. Enjoy a confident hot-guy summer with some of the coolest and most comfortable style pieces available. Leave the fussy, high-maintenance fabrics and designs in the past. Modern, effortless fashion is where it’s at.

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